Thursday, November 24, 2011

Well, I can't weigh in today.  My guess would be that I'm 122-ish?  Not good enough.  I keep coughing (have been for like the past 1 1/2 weeks maybe? - it's been a while) and my throat has been killing me just as long (swallowing hurts like a bitch) and nothing I have found fixes either (I have found things that make the coughing worse, however).  So my master plan today (since my family did our shitty version of Thanksgiving last night) is to just live off no/low cal liquids until after work.  At which point I'm gonna eat an apple (80) and then when I get home a kiwi (45).  Then supper will be soup (120).  And I may have a piece of pumpkin pie (275 - I don't eat the crust because I just don't like pie crust) with some Cool Whip (50).  So at most I will have 570.  I may skip the pie or have half instead.  Depends on how hungry I am.  Well, I gotta finish getting ready for work (holiday pay today - time and a half so I'm making $13.25/hr).  I hope everyone has a good day.


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  1. sounds like a great plan. And hey, you deserve that pie... treat yourself for thanksgiving!