Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yesterday I had about 975 calories.  So far today I'm at about 841 (although it might be more and it might be less... I couldn't find the calories in the fat-free French vanilla cappuccino I had from Hy-Vee so I just used to calories in one from...  uh....  whatever it was, which may have more calories, and it may have fewer...) and I'm not going to eat any more.  My throat is killing me as is my head.  I feel like complete shit.  So I'm gonna take a nap.  Then maybe read some blogs and comment.  It depends on what time it is when I wake up.  But yeah...  I'm also very close to falling into a very deep depression so if I disappear, that would be why.  Because honestly, I want to disappear right now...  So yeah...  Anyway, I don't know my weight.  My size 7 jeans were feeling a little tight this morning which did not start me day off well.  I though I had lost weight but apparently I haven't.  I can probably weigh in on Monday.  I doubt I could tomorrow.  But I guess there's a chance that I could.  I don't think I'll get to 110 or even 115 by the 24th.  But I don't plan on eating much tomorrow if anything.  Maybe have a can or two of soup....  If I have to eat, it will be soup.  Because my throat hurts and I feel like shit.  Anyway, I'm gonna try to take a nap before my head explodes.


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