Thursday, November 3, 2011

I still weigh 124.

Things I'm going to start doing as of today:

1. Every morning I'm going to tie a ribbon around my waist to remind me not to eat too much.  Your stomach starts to stick out more as you eat so it will feel tight so it's supposed to remind you not to eat too much.
2. Wake up with 50 crunches or lunges or squats.  Which ever I'm in the mood for.  Every day.  At least I know I will get in a little exercise that way.
3. After doing which ever exercise in 2, I'll drink a glass of water.  Every morning.
4. I will only eat at a table.  My desk does not count as a table.  My car does not count as a table.  So no more eating in my room/in the car/in the living room on the couch in front of the t.v./ect.
5. I will brush my teeth after breakfast and supper.  It will hopefully keep me from eating after breakfast until lunch and from eating after supper.

I have to find a ribbon yet but once I find it I'll tie it around my waist.  And not eating at my desk will be hard, but it will hopefully help me eat more mindfully.  I planned out my eating today and it comes to 650 calories.  I just have to not be home for supper which I plan on saying that I'm going to hang out with AA or something.  I haven't done my 50 crunches lunges or squats but I'm going to do like 5 minutes of each (which will be more than 50 of each) along with some other exercising.  And I need to clean my room today because I think there is a mouse in my room.  I heard rustling and things moving.  And I heard what sounded like a small rodent eating.  My sister has had pet rats and I had a pet field mouse before so I know what it sounds like.  If there is a mouse in my room, I don't want it to die but I don't want it making noises at night when I'm trying to sleep.  So clean room means less things for it to make noise running over.  I just noticed a shoelace sitting on my desk so I tied that around my waist.  I need to find an actually ribbon or something though because the know is kind of obvious under the shirt I have on so I'll have to find something else but it's fine for now.  Anyway, I guess I'll do my 5 minutes of squats, 5 of lunges, and 5 of crunches and whatever else I decide to do and clean and then read/comment on blogs.



  1. those sound like pretty good and helpful rules :)

  2. I remaster my diet and exercise plans, like, once every few months it seems. I can never stick to anything for long lol. I like your ribbon idea. For a while I cut a length of ribbon that was the size I wanted my wiast to be and wrapped it around my wrist so I could see it all the time.

    Thank you for your very supportive comments on my blog =)

  3. Love the rules, especially the ribbon :) I tried an ace bandage, but it was too bulky, so a ribbon sounds a lot better :)
    Have a great day,
    Lottie x