Sunday, November 6, 2011

If I get around to it, I have some things to take pictures of and post.  And I had an allergic reaction.  Hives on most of my body.  Add sulfas to my list of things I can't take.  Now I have 1 thing that I know of that I can take.  Hopefully I never end up allergic to that.  So I was given a steroid shot.  Those hurt.  But that and some Claritin has made me not nearly as itchy and less red and swollen.  And I'm going to start Prednisone tomorrow.  Which is a steroid.  So I'm hoping I don't gain too much weight.  I'm hoping it helps me build lean muscle so that I'll have a higher metabolism when I'm done taking it.  I'm going to start SGD tomorrow to finish out my attempt at 15 lbs in 24 days.  Not sure what I weigh today.  I think wait and I'll weigh in on Wednesday.  Or at least try.  I feel fat so I must be.  I want to be 110 lbs by the 24th.  115 would be acceptable as long as I can fit into ALL of the jeans I own and look ok in them.  Currently, I have some that are tight and my fat spills over.  I didn't use to look like that in those jeans last time J was back so I can't look like that when he comes back this time.  I have about 18 days.  I'm going with SGD because I have to take the Prednisone with either food or milk so I'm going to eat a fruit or veggie with it and water and then I won't have to count those calories.  I'm gonna try to work out a lot tomorrow through Wednesday.  I work Thursday through Saturday so I won't be able to work out nearly as much.  I don't really have anything else to say...  I think I'll clean my room some and maybe work out?  Maybe take pictures of things and I'll try to post them tomorrow too.  Well, thinspo.

 ^ I wouldn't want my boobs that big.
They're too fake and awkward.
I'll take her stomach though...
I need to find more thinspo.  I only have like 20 left that I haven't posted.  Guess I'll be doing that today too.



  1. hope those hives clear up fast! I went to the gym today but just stayed there and walked fast for 2 hours... at a slight incline. It helps to tone legs and keeps you leaner. oh and i was reading and carrying the last harry potter book so that added a few pounds haha. i wanted something i could just get into so i wouldn't think about being at the gym ... it totally worked.

  2. GL with the SGD :)

    The allergy reaction sounds very :S .. hope you feel better soon


  3. UGH I hate allergies! I feel your pain, I'm allergic to the most ridiculous things, and get mad hives (only on my face and neck) too! Feel better soon babe!

  4. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the love on my blog! And hope you feel better...that allergic reaction sounds wretched. I've only had hives once, and it definitely sucked.