Saturday, November 5, 2011

Well, now I'm depressed.  Plans to party currently ruined and it's doubtful that I will end up partying.  I was looking forward to finally drinking with people.  Maybe I'll just never drink again and stick to drugs.  At least pills don't make me depressed like drinking alone does.  I guess I'll spend all night exercising since I have nothing else to do.  I went to be early last night because I was tired.  I read some blogs but I didn't get around to commenting.  I don't know what else to say.  I feel fat.  Oh, wait, I am fat.  Gotta figure out how to get this fat off of me as quickly as possible.



  1. Please don't lean to drugs, that's just going to make you more depressed in the end, both alcohol and drugs will just harm you more. stay positive
    I wish I could help, but i honestly don't know what to say, I really hope you start to feel better, and that you lose the weight you want to lose, I know how you feel trust me I am going through something similar, I just stay away from alcohol cuz that will just make me feel more fat. stay strong and healthy!
    much love

  2. I am one of the rare oddities who love drinking alone... 'tis strange. But I'm sorry your plans fell through, that is no good!

  3. I hate making plans, mainly because they always fall through and I hate getting my hopes up. I'm sorry your night didn't go well:( Tonight is my first night home alone not drinking on the weekend and I'm super excited about it.. lame? :s