Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I did 300 jumping jacks.  I doubt I do more for reasons I would rather not say.  I didn't end up buying D's brother lunch because he said he had a lot of schoolwork and stuff that he had to do.  And I couldn't do measurements because I have no clue where my mother put the tape measure.  And I couldn't find anything like a ribbon that would have worked.  I'll look again tomorrow.  My mom came home from work at like 1:30 so I kinda didn't have too much time to figure out a make-shift one after working out.  If I would have done 7000 jumping jacks straight (I'm pretty sure I would die because I was taking like 5 minute breaks after ever 100) it would have taken about 1 hour and 45 minutes.  I timed myself doing 100 and calculated it using that.  I doubt anyone could do 7000 jumping jacks at the same pace though.  Anyway, progress pics.  My befores and I'll post my afters around the 24th.  And as usual, taken in the bathroom and I'm too lazy to turn the pictures.



  1. 7000 jumping jacks would probably kill me, but that's now going to be a goal of mine. xD
    300 is good too, jumping jacks are really... whatever that word is. xD They can burn a lot of calories faster than a lot of other things.

    < 3

  2. 7000 jumping jacks is way too much, you know what is an other really nice way to do cardio that i like doing? its jump rope, its quick and fun and it really works you arms and body all around its actually one of the best ways to work out you cardio. :). I read ur comment u left on my post, thanks I hope everything goes well for me too and I'm glad u liked my painting. :). Goodluck and I hope you reach the goal u want!
    take care.