Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weigh: 118
Gained like 1/2 lb or so
Drank too much juice yesterday.  Or at least I'm blaming the 6+ cups of juice for the slight gain.  120 calories a cup means over 700 calories right there.  Did a little exercise.  Like 7 minutes worth.  Did some crunches and squats and jumping jacks and things.  I'm still feeling a little sick so I'm not going to push myself too much.  But I need to start exercising and I feel well enough to attempt little bits here and there.  I stop when I start to feel a little tired.  If I wasn't a little sick yet, I would push myself to do a little more.  Maybe tomorrow I'll feel good enough to push myself more.  I'm going to rest a bit and see if I can get in about 8 more minutes so that way I'll have done 15 minutes worth of exercise.  I'll aim for 20-30 minutes tomorrow and to finish cleaning my room.  I'm not taking Dexatrim today either.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel good enough to take some.  I was hoping to be down to 115 or less by the 1st (when AA is supposed to be moving back) but I doubt I will make it.  I probably won't get a chance to weigh in on the 1st either.  But I work from 12:30 til 9 on the 1st so I doubt I would see AA anyway.  Hopefully I can be 115 by Monday and I would like to be 111 at most on the 19th.  I still would like to be 109 by the 19th but 111 would be acceptable since it's my low weight.  Saturday will be easy to restrict because I work such a long shift.  I won't really be able to exercise though.  I really don't know of anything else that I want to talk about.



  1. Oh my gosh that before and after is incredible for just an 8 lb difference!

  2. You should water down the juice. I always drink juice half water, half juice. It still tastes good and for the juice you'd be drinking it'd be 60 calories a cup. =)

    I love when I work 9 hour shifts. It is So much easier to not eat as much. ^_^

  3. looking good, girly!!

    amazing job you are doing! don't be sad over the 1/2 pound, nothing a few jumping jacks can't rid :)

  4. Yeah. It makes a lot of sense to the slight gain on the scale, darling.
    Be careful, kes, sweetheart and thanks for the comments!
    And your plan sonuds extremely reasonable. <3 Wow. Mine is all over the place. xD. So I decided to call it "just continue with what you have for today and we'll plan the latter later."
    As Beth said, you're doing great!