Thursday, September 15, 2011

If my intake goes as planned it will be like this:

It's a lot of sodium, but I'm broke so I'm stuck eating the frozen/prepackaged/canned food around the house.  Although a lot of sodium comes from canned asparagus but I think there is some frozen, so I may eat that instead.  I would like to stay under 800 calories so I might tweak it some yet.  I need to exercise today too.  But it's cold and I don't really want to.  I might get the ambition later.  I need to clean my room too.  Maybe cleaning will be a good enough work out or it will motivate me to do an actual work out.  I'll do the picture post tomorrow.  I'm feeling kind of lazy because I haven't finished taking the pictures.  I'll do that as I clean today.  I'm thinking about trying to find another job.  I'm sick of having to ask so many damn questions to every damn person just for either the customer to get pissed at me or someone else to get pissed (like whoever is at the service desk or manager or whatever because I don't have nay new enrollments and stupid shit like that).  I want another job.  They never seem to have enough cashiers working at one time and then customers get all pissed at me because I'm the only cashier and I have to go get a price check or something then everyone starts bitching and stupid shit.  I hate it.  I think I would rather find a different job.  Wal-Mart distribution might be worth the hour drive.  I'd make like $1400 a month doing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift.  I think those shifts do 4 days a week and like 10 hours a day.  I'd make more doing 4th shift but working 12 hours a day and driving for 2 seems a bit much.  But it might be worth it.  I just need the money saved up to be able to afford to work there until I get paid.  But if I work there, I could save $500+ a month.  And that would mean I could afford 2 college classes after 2 months and move or get a student loan and go away to college or whatever a lot sooner.  I need a good job like that.  It would be hard work, but it might be worth it.  And I would have set hours so I would know when I go in and when I get off everyday without needing a schedule.  And if I did 4th shift, I could take college classes that met on Tuesday and Thursday and not have to worry about scheduling work and class.  I keep thinking about applying.  I need to actually do it though.  So I might do that tomorrow.  I should make a list of places I would rather work and apply to those places and hopefully I'll get some interviews.  And a new job that I don't hate as much.  I think I would rather work at K-Mart than work at the hotel though.  The hotel was good for losing weight (or at least getting me on track to lose weight) but I didn't like it.  There were good days, but there were bad days too.  I hated going in to work and working for 1 1/2 hours and then going home and doing that 3 or 4 times a week in the winter.  I was like just barely making enough to pay my hospital bills.  I only stayed there as long as I did so I could get them paid off and then I worked a little longer so I could have some money to pay for phone and gas until I got a new job.  So I'll work at K-Mart until I find a new job.  I asked them to train me to do something besides cashier and they have made no effort to do so.  But they will train other people (who have been working there either the same amount of time as me or less) to do other jobs.  It's bullshit.  I'll stop ranting about my job now.
I weighed 117 this morning.  I wish I would be back under 115 already.  How the fuck did I end up over 115?  I want to be 114 or less by next Thursday.  Not sure how likely that is though because according to my bc pills, it'll be that time of the month next week.  So I may be a little bloated from that.  I would still like to get down to 114 though.  Losing 3 lbs in 1 week is possible.
I'm so fucking cold.  It goes from being 90 fucking degrees down to 60 fucking degrees in a matter of 3 days.  So.  Cold.
Karolina had asked how far away from Chicago I live.  About 225 miles away.  It would take 3-4 hours to get there.
Ok.  I'm cold.  Gonna shower and then have breakfast and maybe read some blogs or something depending on what time it is.



  1. Cleaning always makes me feel way more energetic, controlled, motivated, etc. than I did before-- I definitely recommend it :) Lovely pictures.

  2. lovely pictures :)
    good luck with the jobs!!

  3. Aww if you're not enjoying your job at the moment then I would say it's definitely worth going for another one (: good luck with the hunt! Xx

  4. It's gotten very cold here, as well. I need a chance to thaw!

  5. Thanks for the advice. I'm kinda in the same boat as you though were I can't afford all the fresh veggies and what not, even tho I know it would help me lose faster. sigh. Luckily on days that I work I get to eat as many veggies as I want... so that's nice.

    And I also agree with you that I need to work out more. It just sucks with my leg, I can't run on concrete anymore and most of the time the gym is closed when I'm available. "another sigh" haha

    Good luck with making decisions on your job and school, just don't over do it!

    <3 <3 <3

  6. Great pictures!!
    And yes, processed food is so much cheaper!