Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blessed Holy Socks - 
First off, that is a strange name...  Secondly, I have not posted pictures of myself since like mid-July.  So if you want to see what I looked like then (I've gained some weight since then - you obviously wouldn't know because you sound like someone who just stumbled upon my blog like today), go back and look in July.  I believe the 20th I asked for opinions on outfits and a post or two before I have more pictures.  So, no that is NOT me in ANY of those pictures on the post you commented on.  And yes, I am probably anemic, however, I do have this feeling that you meant to use the word anorexic.  Because anemia is blood deficiency caused by poor diet (mainly from not enough iron, which my diet lacks iron and has quite a bit of caffeine and calcium, which both of those block the absorption of iron).  And seeing as how you went on to say something about how I think I'm "phat", I believe you meant to use the word anorexic.  Which I am not.  I do not fit the qualifications of being anorexic.  I have never been diagnosed as anorexic either.  And I am atheist, so your religious talk is just annoying.  Justt like yourr use of exxtra letterssss.  And honestly, you came off as creepy.



  1. this made my day LOL

  2. baha. Well, you cleared that right up.

  3. OMG!!! I just read the comment from your last post..

    Holy fuck is all I gotta say lol ... Oh wait.. I have more to say.. EOW... FREAKY!!! and YUCK!!!!


  4. Ahaha just been back to read the comment - creepy! This response made me laugh so much :)
    Lottie x

  5. Haha I just read the comment... Weird lol.

  6. read the comment on the last post......and all i have to say is EWWWWWW!