Monday, September 26, 2011

AA is talking to me and not being a dick.  And he is moving back in like a week.  By back, he's still gonna be in Iowa, but like 3 hours closer.  He's gonna be living in the town I work in.  And he said he would probably go bars with me and people on my birthday too.  So I want to lose as much as possible before I see AA because last time he saw me I was overweight.  I weighed 119 this morning.  Which completely sucks but I'm fasting today (330 calories max) and hopefully most of tomorrow.  And with AA moving back, I have this nervousness and excitedness that I think will help me lose weight.  I'm hoping the mix of emotions will help keep my appetite down (nervousness will hopefully mean less appetite) and give me energy (excitedness will hopefully give me energy).  I'm hoping to be 115 or less when I see AA.  4 lbs in like a week is possible.  I'm planning on fasting Thursday too anyway.  I think I can pull off a fruit and veggie fast on Wednesday because I'll probably go see Lion King in 3D with my sister and her friend and that means not eating supper at home.
I'm still working on cleaning my room.  I'm hoping to get it done today or tomorrow.
I ended up puking.  Not sure why.  I've have 1 cup of coffee, 2 cups of tea, my bc pill, and 2 Dexatrim.  I feel slightly sick still.  Like I might puke again.  Maybe I should take some Dramamine and have a protein shake?  Or wait and see if I puke again?  I don't know.  I'll wait and see.  Maybe have a protein shake in an hour unless I puke again.  Not sure what made me puke.  My stomach is empty now though.  And I want to keep it empty for a while.  I need to get used to the feeling again.  I'm gonna clean and hopefully not puke anymore.  I'll probably wait until I get my dress to post pictures.  Unless I end up with enough pictures to do more than one post.  Then I'll divide it up.  I'm probably not making much sense.  But I'm going to clean now.  So thinspo.  And I'll probably add more people over at the side in the people part because telling you about my birthday plans is difficult when I have no clue how to refer to the people and such.  So yeah...  Hopefully I can make more sense later tonight or tomorrow or whenever I end up posting again.



  1. Hmm.. that's really weird that you threw up. It was probably because you took all those pills with only liquids on your stomach. =/

    I hope your fasts go well! =)

  2. Sometimes I throw up for no reason and it annoys me for some reason. I think it is because I hate puking when I haven't made myself sick.

    Good luck with the fast.