Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good news:

  • I have plans to go out on my birthday
  • I feel motivated to clean and workout like all day tomorrow
  • I feel motivated to restrict as good as possible tomorrow (my parents will be home so I will have to eat)
  • I don't work tomorrow
  • There is limited junk food in the house (some not-so-good cookies and like 1 1/2 rice crispy treats and gross chips and that's like it)
  • I found Skins UK on Hulu and I'm watching it and I like it (haven't seen the US version but I've heard it isn't as good)
  • I'm planning on going to see the Lion King in 3d with my sister and her friend this week
  • The weather is going to be a little warmer (70s) this week so walks (and maybe some running if I feel like it) are likely
Bad news:
  • I ate more than I should have today
  • I didn't exercise and do not have the motivation to tonight (even though I feel motivated to workout tomorrow which doesn't make much sense to me but whatever)
  • I don't know my weight but I feel HUGE
  • My period will start soon (I'm hoping that that is causing me to be bloated and that is why I feel so huge and that in a few days, the hugeness will be down)
  • I'm craving pills/drugs/alcohol (I think I just want to party mainly which partying isn't a bad thing but the fact that I don't have anywhere to go party at is making me crave these things)
Other things that I don't if they are good or bad:
  • I'm really considering buying diet pills (even though I had been wanting to lose weight on my own, I think I need them to get back on track at least)
  • I still want to go to the rave and I am considering going by myself, but I would rather not (but since it's in November, there's still plenty of time to find someone(s) to go with)
  • I'm attempting to plan my food intake out a day ahead (but not knowing what I will have for supper makes it difficult to make and I have yet to follow it completely - I start to follow it, then I end up eating something else instead)
  • I'm still considering looking for a new job and this girl I work with said that me and her should apply at a Bar & Grill as waitresses (because it's a 4-star restaurant and waitresses can make like $300 in tips a night there) so I may apply there along with some other places
  • I asked (yet again) to get trained to do something else (hardlines or softlines) at work and I was told that if I did some PA's (messages over the loudspeaker for things like the Sear's credit card or sales in the ad and things like that) that I could get trained in something else (most likely hardlines which is fine by me) and I did 3 PA's so I should be (not counting on it though because I asked to be trained in hardlines or softlines like 2 weeks ago and they did nothing) getting scheduled to do hardlines on next week's (25th through the 1st) schedule
So I think that's all I have to say tonight...



  1. Skins UK! I read that and got irrationally excited. One of my favorite things-- even the American version, no matter how unintentionally hilarious it can be.

  2. you should totally do the waitress job. i was going to do that over the summer before school started but that went out the window. tips are great, though, since you walk out with them and still get a regular paycheck.

    anyway, good luck! :)

  3. I have never seen Skins or them american version. =/ I'm going to have to look them up! =)

    I have completely quit scheduling out my days. I used to do that and I always felt depressed and like a failure when I couldn't stick to them. Which caused me to binge.

    If you can stick to it, then do it! I've always felt like that is probably the best way to stick to how many calories you want in a day, =)