Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I was 120 lbs yesterday.  Horrible, I know.  How could I allow myself to slip up that far?!  But today I am down to 117!  So happy!  Just 2 more lbs by Friday.  I can do it!  I bought some Dexatrim Max Complex 7 yesterday.  I hope it works.  Ok, I gotta get ready for work now.  So some thinspo.  Of skinny girls, who happen to NOT be me.



  1. Yay for the 3 lbs! Have a good day at work.. and I am finding the "who happen to NOT be me" line to be really funny hehehe ^^


  2. Congrats on the 117-- the 120 was probably just a scary water weight number. Let me know how the Dexatrim goes-- I'm anxious to try some sort of diet pill, but I'm worried about fainting / light-headedness. (Yes, I'm a lightweight.)

    Good luck :) (Those girls look like they could be 117, easily; they might not be you, but they could be :))

  3. Good job on the three pounds! I used to take diet pills but they get expensive. You buy a box of 60 and you're like "Yes! I have so many pills!" Then you realize just the first week is 2 pills a day and every week after that is 4 pills a day. lol Well that was my experience anyway. I took SlimQuick, but I've never tried Dexatrim. I hope you have better luck than I did! =)

  4. loving the pics
    and i wish i was 120
    well least ur back down
    hope all goes well love :]
    missed ur blog!