Saturday, September 24, 2011

I would welcome the new followers, but then that creep with holes in his socks might feel like he's actually welcomed here.  And he's not after his comment.  Creepy and gross.  So to the rest, welcome.  And if you have a blog and I'm not following you and you want me to follow you, just leave a comment.  A large shit-ton of pictures will probably be posted later today or tomorrow.  Depends on when I get done taking them and get them on the computer and all that fun shit.  But I figured I'd get the non-picture stuff out of the way.  I may or may not have mentioned that I'm talking to J again.  I don't remember if I mentioned that or not.  Which it's nice because I keep seeing Star Wars shit everywhere and J's a huge Star Wars fan.  When we were dating we attempted to watch on of the movies but ended up doing other things instead...  But Star Wars anything makes me think of J.  
I talked to D the other day and he told me he has a son back in Africa.  I didn't have too much time to talk to him so I have no idea how old his son is or much of anything really.  But it kinda pisses me off that he lied to me about that.  He told me he didn't have any kids when I asked him and he's had millions of chances to tell me that.
D will probably get a job soon (background check just has to be done) that pays a little over $14 an hour.  Because of things that are slightly (but not really) complicated, I'm going to stay married to him a little longer.  I can't (or rather won't) say much about it.  But J thinks that I should stay married to D a little longer.  J would tell me if he thought it was a bad idea but J doesn't think it's a bad idea.  But J also said I should marry D in the first place.  Anyway....
I'm hoping the dress I ordered will be in like Monday or Tuesday but living sort of in the middle of nowhere, it might take a little longer.
My work schedule next week is fucked up.  We have a new time clock system thing and now I have to use and 11 digit number to clock in and out and it schedules people to come to work and leave at stupid times like 2:15-7.  We would generally have a cashier work 9-2 and another 10-4 and one from like 4-10:30.  Now it's all fucked up and we'll probably end up with 1 cashier working at the busiest times and like 4 working at the slow times.  I only have to work 5 days. Better than working 6 days.  Means more time to do things like exercise and blog.  The other good thing is I don't have to close.  Closing is really annoying.  This stupid bitch I work with, I keep hoping for the day she gets fired.  She keeps pissing me off.  She disappears at the busiest times and a bunch of stupid shit.  I just want to yell at her most days.
So I've taken like 6 Dexatrim pills and I'm not going to take them again until Monday.  Monday is when I will be restricting and exercising and everything like a good little disordered girl should.  Or as close to that as I can...  I can't really this weekend because I gotta finish cleaning my room and my parents are home.  Parents being home means restricting and exercise are harder.  I'm going to try to make a diet plan sort of thing for Monday through Saturday and try to stick to it as best as possible.  Hopefully 750 cals or less a day.  Or at least average out to that.  And hopefully I can get in a good amount of exercise most days.  I'm hoping to see 115 or less Monday.  I want to be 113 or less by Friday.
I have protein powder that's 110 calories per scoop thing.  It tasted pretty gross when I made it with water, but it might be good in coffee...  I love mocha...  I have some mocha mix stuff that has 60 calories in it.  I bought it from work for $1 because it was shortdated.  I have some granola bar things too.  140 calories in one.  They taste decent.  I was really stressed and hungry after work so I bought some.  Stress caused me to eat a lot yesterday.  You don't even want to know how much I ate.  So today and tomorrow I will be good with food and cleaning is going to count as exercise today.  I think I'll shut up now and clean.  I've read some blogs.  Need to read more but I really want to get my room clean.  I've been trying to for like weeks now.  And it still isn't done.  Ok shutting up now.



  1. I've seen some strange / scathing comments on weight loss blogs before, but THAT one... I'm right that it was a thinspo pic, not a picture of you, right? That is so totally bizarre!

    Depending on what kind of protein powder it is, you could blend it with water, ice, and (if it's not sweetened) a dash of Splenda. If it's foamy enough, the taste doesn't matter as much. That's my favorite way to prepare it, anyway. That stuff can be disgusting.

    Good luck, especially with your parents around :/

  2. oh, he did follow me but i blocked him. i suggest people do the same so no more creepiness.

  3. That comment... Total WTF; creeper-status up the ass.
    I've never tried protein powder, so no clue how to make it taste better... Plus, I don't like coffee too.. So yeah. :x
    Ha, did you get the cleaning done? :)

    < 3

  4. How is that Dexatrim going for you? After you've taken it for a while, I'd like to know how you like it. I've been considering diet pills. I Was really wanting to do it on my own, but skinny faster just sounds so amazing, you know?

    I eat granola bars all the time! The ones I eat though are 95 calories a piece, but they come packaged 2 in each wrapper. Most days they replace my supper though. =)

    Good luck with D. That whole situation sounds kind of horrible for you. =(

  5. I've always liked protein powder in fruit smoothies... it adds something, I think. As far as the whole D thing goes, it sounds so very complicated, and I hope it works out soon! xx