Friday, September 9, 2011

24 hours of the fast down.  I'm thinking about eating at 8 am and just doing a 32 hour fast.  I don't know if I could make it through work tomorrow.  There have been a couple times I thought about eating.  But I was wanting junk food.  If I break my fast, I will break it with something healthy.  I'm thinking either oatmeal or an omelet (egg + water + veggies + seasonings) or something healthy for breakfast.  Maybe an apple or green beans instead.  I don't know yet.  I'll take my time to decide.  It'll probably be 150 calories or less.  And I'll eat a cereal bar or cereal or something small (150 calories or less) on my break at work.  It'll help my body get ready for supper that way.  I have no idea what supper will be.  I'm hoping it isn't too high in calories.  I'm hoping to be able to restrict really well from now on.  I can do.  I know I can.  I've had about 160 calories so far.  I've had water (0), tea (5 - I used some Splenda so I'm going to count it as 5), broth (5), and 3 V-8 V-Fusion Energy drinks (50 cals each for a total of 150).  I was wanting either an energy drink or some diet pop for caffeine and I found those.  50 calories seemed reasonable since it's flavored with real juice.  I guess I'll do a few comment responses.  I'm not responding to everyone.  Just the ones with questions.  But a big thank you to all who comment.  It makes me happy to see new comments.

Karolina - I've been doing terrible at restricting.  More like I haven't been trying at it.  I attempted to restrict yesterday to prepare for today, but ate more calories than I should have.  I'm hoping to be able to restrict once I'm done fasting.  Like an average of 750 calories or less a day.  With working, it should be achievable.

Lottie -  No, she doesn't live with me. My daughter lives with her dad.

Heather[Hunger] - I don't have a protein shake.  Even if I did, I probably wouldn't have drank it because they are quite high in calories.  Or at least the ones I have seen are like 180+ calories for 8 oz.  So I would only be able to have one or two.  Diluted juice and broth would mean I could have more and spread out my servings easier.

I'll try to do pictures of the stuff I bought shopping when I get back from work.  And hopefully be in a good mood and do a longer post.  But it's after midnight and I have to work tomorrow morning.  Just kinda wanted to update since I was at the 24 hour mark and my plans changed.  I'll probably do a thinspo post in the morning before work and not write until after.  I need to sleep, not wait for thinspo to upload.



  1. Great job on the intake :) Man, I haven't had a good fast in months. Perhaps you've inspired me to make a go of it.

  2. I am giving oatmeal a try today.. Never really like it.. but I thought it is a great lunch option..

    have a great weekend hon <3

  3. well done on the fast!! you are amazing!! stay strong!!

  4. Well done on the fast! You did great not giving in to junk food!
    Oh, ok, sorry if that was a bit of a personal question or anything :)
    Lottie x