Monday, September 19, 2011

I don't really feel like talking.  I puked (unintentionally) this morning.  So I didn't go to work.  I feel fat and gross and weak and shitty.  I have 5 days to lose 4 lbs.  I doubt it will happen, but I gotta try harder.  I'll be spending more time working out and avoiding food instead of blogging.  So you might not hear from me until Friday (or I make it to 115 lbs).  Whichever comes first.  I'm planning on buying diet pills tomorrow (if I go to work, which I'm planning on it unless I puke again).  And maybe some low-cal protein shake mix and workout stuff (resistance bands, dvd, whatever).  I gotta get my ass in gear.  I may pop on here and post some thinspo and maybe my weight...  Depends on how things go.  Anyway, I think I need to do some light exercising (crunches mainly) and see how it goes.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel good enough to do some cardio.  Anyway, thinspo.  Some are repeats because all but 3 were in black & white so I decided to just do all black & white.



  1. I've got 7 to lose 6. I doubt mine will happen either but maybe it'll finally get me to work a bit harder.

    Take care of yourself whilst you aren't blogging. xo

  2. Good luck, Kes!
    Oh, that's possible! You can lose up to 2lbs by fasting but then again, most weight lost by fasting is gained just as fast. I'd definitely advise restricting :) ^__^ good luck!

  3. Have fun on your shopping trip, new workout gear is always more fun than worn-in stuff :) I'm sorry you threw up. I HATE when that happens.

  4. Is that YOU in that verrry last picture? Are you anemic? Dunno what's your problem, girl. If you think you're phat, you most certainly aren't. You're the most beautifull, wonderfull, adorable woman God has ever made... and He threw-away the rest. So, if you're traveling to Heaven Above and you'll be with me for eternity, I guess I better like you. And I do. Verrrrry much. I wanna nekk with you, I wanna serve you, I wanna love you, I wanna cherish and touch you, miss adorable girly. Why? I have never in my entire lifetime ever met a girl as wonderfull as you. Puh-leeze lemme be a part of you in the Great Beyond, most magnificent girly-whirly, in the entire universe. I love you. Why do I love you? Because you're indelible (never ending) and I love THAT. God bless you. See ya soon.

  5. Ok, I'm so sorry socks dude commented on here..he commented on mine too, though this one is by far severely more creepy...hope this doesn't happen to too many more people..