Friday, September 30, 2011

I added E and K over to the people section.
K is the one who was supposed to have the party on my birthday but because of a situation, that may change.  I'm not going to say much about it right now because this is just a quick post and I don't want to go into detail right now because of the type of situation it is.
My dress came in so I'm planning on going and getting it tonight.  So tonight or tomorrow there will be pictures.  But I think there are a lot so I may divide it up.  Not sure yet.  I went for a walk for about 20 minutes earlier.  I've been doing some cleaning and laundry and I have to wash dishes which I'm going to go do once I get done typing this.  AA is moving back tomorrow so hopefully I'll get to see him Sunday.  I set up my job interview for Monday afternoon.  So yeah.  Dishes need washed.


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