Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I weighed more than 115 this morning.  I don't want to say how much more.  I really should fast, but I kinda think I should restrict and I'll fast tomorrow.  I have to go pay my phone tomorrow so I'll have to leave early, so I should be able to get away with fasting.  I'm aiming for less than 500, but definitely less than 800, today.  And tomorrow I will fast all day and then hopefully up until supper Friday.  If my fast starts at midnight tonight and I fast all day tomorrow (24 hours) and through 6 pm tomorrow (another 18 hours and that's usually when supper is), I will have fasted for 42 hours.  I should be able to make it through the 24 hours and I'm really hoping I can make it through all 42 hours.  I will allow myself drinks with less than 10 calories per serving.  I think 250 calories max for those 42 hours.  It'll encourage me to drink more tea and water that way.  I'm taking food to work to eat so my calories can be easily monitored.  I'll write down what I eat and how many calories.  And tomorrow, I'll get lost in some blogs tomorrow as a distraction and maybe watch some Hulu or something.  Has any used Hulu Plus and Netflix?  I'm wondering which one is better.  But anyway, I'll weigh in again tomorrow morning and Friday morning and hopefully I'll be down.
Sorry for the kind of random back and forth thinking.  I'm only like half awake right now.  I hope that made sense...



  1. good luck with the fast :) xo.

  2. Sounds like a plan. Good luck! xx

  3. Aww I wish you could see darling that 115 isn’t a high weight :/ your body weight will naturally fluctuate due to water weight and what not, so you were probably higher than usual because of that and you definitely shouldn’t fast over it :( 250 cals max definitely isn’t enough to sustain you – and I know you’ve heard this all before but :/. Sorry. xxx

  4. do you have any kind of protein shake thing or some kind of drink with nutrients? it would help curb cravings, and be more beneficial than like 250 calories of sugar. just a suggestion.
    good luck!! :D <3

  5. I just found your blog and I really like it. Good luck with your fast. And I think it's smart to restrict a little first, if only to get into the right frame of mind. Good luck again!

  6. I wish I weighed anywhere around 115!
    Don't be so hard on yourself.
    I hope your fast goes all the way to 42 hours, I know sometimes it can be difficult but you can do it:) I might even attempt to start my own fast for tomorrow, sounds like a good idea! At least a liquid fast anyways!

  7. 115 isn't high at all- and so anything just above that isn't either :( I'm a hypocrite but I wish I could let you see that :(

    Please be careful if you're fasting for 42 hours, you just don't want to make yourself ill etc because you still want to be able to function!

    Sorry I'm naggy and a hypocrite, I just care!! :P xxxx

  8. I use Netflix and I love it. I have it instead of cable. I don't have any complaints about it.

  9. Good luck with fasting, my dear! Just be REALLY REALLY careful as they've said before. You seem like you have loads to do. Me, whom has nothing to do, can barely function during fasts that are more than 24 hours. Anything over 24 is pushing me towards tiredness and general crankiness all the time.
    Good luck anyway! <3 <3 I'm sure you can do all 42 hours. If you need something, at least have a bit of clear broth for the longer haul! xo