Saturday, December 3, 2011

Well, I tried to post from my phone earlier to see if it worked, and well, I couldn't get it to let me type anything except a title.  And we all know, I don't do titles.  So I'm gonna have to maybe get an app (any suggestions for Android? - I looked in the Android Market and found a couple and I have no clue which would be good or if there's a better one or what) if I want to do that.  And as I was driving to work today in my dad's car, it over heated.  I was like 45 minutes late to work.  Oh, well.  No one really cares.  One of my clients got to sleep in and the other got to watch t.v. for an extra 45 minutes.  They were staying home today anyway so it didn't matter.  There was no rush.  I've had too many calories so far.  Or at least it feels like it.  I'm at about 700?  That's a guess though.  Slimfast - 170, some Slimfast powder and some cappuccino powder in water - 130, a cookie - 150?, 2 cheese puff things - 40?, a fat-free cappuccino from Hy-Vee gas station - 200?  I'm hoping the cookie, cheese puffs, and Hy-Vee cappuccino are overestimated by a lot.  I'm going to look at a car tomorrow.  It's a 1999 Gran Prix for $3900.  It looks nice based on the pictures.  I need to post pictures...  I'll get around to it sometime over the next few days hopefully.  I don't work and won't really be doing much so I should get around to it.  I'm craving junk food.  I want to bake cookies...  I'm gonna look up low-cal cookie recipes after I do like 250 crunches and either squats or lunges.  Or maybe I'll do squats and lunges....


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  1. Same thing with my phone - lets me type only the title - like wtf? The Android app is called Blogger. It's not working for me but try it if u want.
    Don't bake cookies, you could end up eating them all so it really won't matter how low-cal they are. I ate cookies and chocolate yesterday. -Not worth it.