Monday, December 5, 2011

So I got a loan and got a car but the DMV is closed on Mondays, so I gotta go to the bank tomorrow morning with the car title so they can put the lien or whatever on it and then go to the DMV to get it put in my name and everything and all that shit.  I'll get pics of the car tomorrow (it's night - I don't want to mess with it) and post pictures of the new car, totaled car, and whatever else I come up with.  I weighed 122 this morning.  I need to get out of the damn 120s.  It's like hell.  I've been thinking about getting a second job so I can make more money and get the loan paid off and get out of this damn house.  My parents don't want me here.  They didn't want to cosign the loan.  They didn't want me on their insurance policy but to go through State Farm like they wanted, I have to still be on their policy since I live in their house and my mother cosigned the loan.  AA is supposed to have a job around the beginning of January and he thinks he'll be able to get a place by the end of January (his mom will help him get it) and he wants me to move in with him.  I'd like to move in if he gets a big enough place.  But I'm not sure how that will effect my eating and weight.  It could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing.  And I'm not really sure what else to say today.  It's been kind of hectic and I've been feeling super bi-polar.  Remind me never to forget about my bc for 2 days in a row.  It means the start of my period (grr... except I know I'm not pregnant, which is good because I have no clue who's kid that would be...) and well, I think that's part (or most) of the reason for my bi-polar-ness.  I've still be craving cookies.  I want chocolate mint sort of cookies.  I need to figure out what to do about that.  Brownies might work instead.  Just add some mint.  I found a brownie recipe that has about 45 calories per brownie.  I'm thinking I'll doubt the recipe (it's for an 8x8 pan and we always make 9x13 or a cake pan size since there's 3 people eating them).  So I'll swap the vanilla extract for mint extract and maybe add a little extra mint.  And I'll make a chocolate mint drizzle maybe?  I'll see if I can find a low-cal recipe to keep the brownies under 60 cal each.  If they're good, I'll post the recipe if you want.  If they end up nasty, I'm not gonna waste my time.  I'm gonna have to get unsweetened applesauce but that's no problem.  I gotta go to town anyway.  I might even buy a small thing of whole-wheat flour to make the brownies healthier.  It won't save on calories really but it'll add more protein and fiber.  It depends on how much it all costs.  I'm quite limited on money without a debit card.  I hope I get it soon so I can finish Christmas shopping.  And my mother's birthday is coming up so I need to get her something for that.  My sister kind of ruined my idea.  My mother had wanted an Ipod.  I hate Apple products.  Always have, always will.  I hate Ipod clickwheel things (they never work right for me - go too far, not far enough, just flat out doesn't work, ect).  I hate Itunes (I've only heard people bitch about songs being deleted and can't get songs from someone else's computer and how it's just a p.o.s.).  I hate Mac computers (had to use them in grade school and you couldn't really do shit - that may have been the school making it so you couldn't do shit, but either way, it made me hate them).  And Apple shit is just too damn expensive.  4 gb should not cost me so damn much.  I'd go with a generic Coby or whatthefuckever mp3 than spend twice as much for an Ipod.  Either way, I was going to get my mother a generic mp3 (she's going to be 52 and is not good at using any kind of electronic) without any fancy bells and whistles (she would get confused if it did more than play music and show pictures).  But my sister ruined my idea by saying she would give my mother her old Ipod.  I WILL NOT teach my mother to use it.  I WILL NOT install Itunes.  T can do all of that.  So now, I have to find something for my mother's birthday.  And that means I have to buy it in a store (I've been doing damn near all my shopping online) once I figure out what the fuck to buy her.  I refuse to buy her clothes because she gets soooo picky.  No red.  No black.  No grey.  No this.  No that.  "Are you sure it'll fit?"  "I think I need a bigger size."  So much shit.  So now, I'm pretty much fucked.  No idea what to do.  There's like nothing on her list.  My sister got 2 things off of her list just for her birthday.  There's only like 6 things on her list.  3 people buying for her for 2 reasons.  I don't know what the fuck to buy her now.  And I need to come up with like $70 worth of stuff to buy my sister.  I'm kinda thinking about a Visa or Mastercard giftcard.  Like $50.  And then a $20 something or other.  She bought me a phone for $225.  She's getting the $100 rebate Mastercard.  So I thought about $100 worth for her Christmas presents would be fair since it'll be about $125 that she spent on me for Christmas.  But I have no clue what to get her.  I was wanting to go shopping in the cities or Iowa City but I can't find anyone to go with until like the 18th.  I want to be done by then.  So I have no clue.  Ideas for any of that would be greatly appreciated.  I'm going to shut up now before I keep rambling on about stupid shit.  Pictures tomorrow.  I promise.  I'll go take pictures of the new car right after I weigh myself and get them on the computer.



  1. Ugh, the chore of buying the perfect gift. I don't fiddle with any of it. Cookies are my weakness. Not just any cookies... The warm fresh (by fresh, of course I mean made from the package from the cookie-dough section)gooey cookies that melt on your tongue and make you crave a tall glass of milk (I take water). So, I don't let it come into the house. And if it does for some reason I quickly bake them and give them away to my family or friends before the thought even creeps into my mind to taste "just that one". Please. I'm weak with sugar. I want to see picturrrrrrrrres! I love seeing photos of stuff like someone's house, car, pet, new shirt, ect. I can't wait :)

  2. christmas ... luckily i only have to get my boyfriend a present and i already figured that out. we don't give presents in the family. well, i do get some from my parents, but they don't get any from us children. always was that way, always will be. though i had invited my parents for dinner for their birthday and christmas togehter ...
    curious what your car looks like!
    hope you feel better than last time you postet! <3