Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So I said I was going to take picture of the new car after I weighed myself this morning.  So I weighed myself (looked to be about 121.5-122-ish, it looked like it went down a little), let the animals in and took Chunky outside so I could take some pictures.  But it was snowing and I was using my phone so I only took two.  Whatever.  And I blacked out the license plate for privacy reasons.  They're the same plates from the old car that got totaled.  White's not my favorite color for a car, but it isn't my least favorite.  My least favorite would be yellow (I HATE yellow in general and it looks horrible on cars).  So yeah.

 Chunky loves the snow but he doesn't like having his picture taken with my phone because it has a very bright flash.  I had the flash off for this one.  The first pic I took of him with my phone, I didn't know there was a flash and that it would be as bright as it was.

And the car.  There was only the driver in the car.  He rolled it.  My make up made it through unharmed.  As did my cd's and almost everything.  One of my Lysol wipes containers lost the lid (it not has plastic wrap for a lid) and got some stuff wet but at least it's germ-free?

And, yes, that is the seatbelt holding the door closed.  And the remainder of the front driver's side tire is in the driver's seat.

Well, I gotta get ready to go to the bank and then the DMV and if I have any money left, I'll be trying to figure out a birthday present for my mother and maybe buying applesauce and whole-wheat flour.  Hopefully I'll have time to read some blogs later or something.



  1. Very nice car I had a green one a few years ago and loved it. Very cute doggie also!

  2. nice car :) and your dog is so cute!!
    omg, thats awful! glad you werent in it! i cant believe yoour makeup was ok :P
    lottie x

  3. I like your new car :) the old he messed that thing up big time :/ ADORABLE LITTLE DOGGIE!<3

  4. flashy new car! :) i usually don't like white cars, but i think yours looks cool in white.