Monday, December 19, 2011

A few pictures then I'm going to bed.  I weighed about 125 today (since I spent the night at AA's I didn't get a chance to weigh in until after I had eaten so I weighed about 126 so I'm guessing 125 if I hadn't eaten).  I didn't get home til a little after 11:30am.  I did a little cleaning and took a nap.  I didn't read blogs really.  Hopefully I'll do that tomorrow.  But pictures.

 This is the outfit I wore half of yesterday and today.  Although I didn't take this picture today or yesterday.  I took the picture when I bought the shirt which was like a week or a week and a half ago or something like that.  I just happened to end up wearing the same jeans with the shirt today that I did in the picture.

This is a bite-sized piece of the brownies I made.  

 The picture is upside-down but whatever.  I'm lazy.  AA bought me this necklace one day.  It happens to be on my sandal because I needed a dark background to get a decent picture because the flash just made for bad pictures.

And this is the necklace AA bought when he was in Louisiana.  Again, I'm too lazy to turn the picture.  And I kind of wish he wouldn't have bought it.  Or at least I wish he wouldn't have spent as much.  I spent $65 for him to get a piercing (did I tell you his nipples were too small to get pierced? So he got a different piercing instead...) and I spent like $85 on volumes 2, 3, and 4 of the James Bond movies (I was going to get volume 1 too but it was an extra $60 and it woulda cut me a little too close with my money).  And I still feel like I need to get him more.  All the more reason I'm not sure about relationships...  I'm afraid of commitment.  Or more like I feel like I'm not good enough/deserving of anything.  Whatever.  I'm going to bed.  Cleaning and exercising and reading/commenting on blog tomorrow.  And that's about it...



  1. I am loving the first necklace. Honey, if he wants to buy you stuff - let him. It doesn't mean you have to buy him stuff that cost the same/more. Just relax and enjoy it. :)

  2. The jewellery is beautiful & you're looking great!!

    Si xx

  3. Both of those necklaces are so beautiful! And I love your shirt ^_^ And like Kitty said; don't worry about it. If he enjoys buying you things then let him. Most people don't give gifts thinking that they'll be getting one of equal amount in return. They give them to be kind, and sweet, and to show they love you or enjoy your presence.

  4. That outfit is cute! I love the top!
    I really like the picture of the first necklace! You spent a lot of money on him! I spent about 180-200 on my girlfriend though so I understand. Relationships definitely break you bank wise!

  5. You look fantastic! I love your style and you are really thin.

    That's a beautiful necklace.

    You are deserving of his love.

    Stay strong hun <3