Sunday, December 18, 2011

Im going to start dieting and exercising like i should be tomorrow. Tonight is my last night of eating 'normal' and tomorrow im gonna eat like a skinny person and exercise and become skinny. Im with aa right now. I was beyond depressed earlier. Ive beem depressed and stressed and tired and suicidal which is why i didnt post. I have pictures to post but theyre on my camera at home. I have to get them on the computer then post them. Not something i can do at aas. Im spending the night. We are gonna make smores and drink. Ill start reading and commenting on blogs either tomorrow or tuesday. It depends on when i get home tomorrow. I need to work on cleaning my room too. I dont really have much else to say right now. At least nothing i can think of... So yeah... If i post tomorrow itll probably be just pictures. Or mostly pictures because nothing interesting has been happening.
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  1. I totally understand how you feel! I'm with you, goodluck! <3 xo

  2. hope you're having a great time with AA :)
    good luck on dieting =)

  3. <3 have the best time you can with AA.
    and don't stress about it, love! just relax. we wish you awesome luck and if you need us, we are here for you. please, smile, lovely and keep on smiling!
    -Sam Lupin