Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So yesterday was horrible. Lets not talk about it... Not today anyway. Im doing an email post thing from my phone anyway. Im layingin the camper by aa. Hes sleeping. Ive been awake and mostly hyper since 3 am and its now about 640 am. Aa and i are going to go to the y and workout. I said i wanted to burn at least 500 cal before we left and aa said ok. He also said i can weigh 105 lbs and that he would help me get there. I may have or may not have said this but aa got a job. He has orientation tomorrow and trains next week all week and works 3 days a week after that. 12 hr shifts $13.05/hr. Its second shift. So hopefully with aas help my weight will get back on track. The y has a lot of classes i want to try. Calorie counting hasnt been working out too well but im thinking if i exercise enough i wont have to. Im bored out of my mind and blogger doesnt let me scroll so im limited on reading blogs. Aa talks in his sleep some. It can be funny. Apparently everything in my sister's cart was going to come to 17-something. And apparently she was buying new palmers? Aa said they were trees? My sister isnt the plant type really. I found it amusing at the time. Im so bored.... Theres also really shitty service out here. Im hungry too. Ive been hungry. In my opinion i did really good with serving sizes yesterday. Im trying to wait til 730 am to eat. Im not sure how much to eat. Ive got apples, kiwi, and yogurt. Maybe ill eat one of each and try to burn those off + 500? I dont know yet. We will see after aa wakes up. Or i wake him up which is more likely. I supposed ill end my ramblings. Ive been wanting to weigh in but i ate before i thought about it yesterday and aa doesnt think theres a scale here. Good thing because im not supposed to weigh in til monday. Anyway. Im going home later hopefully ill catch up on some blog reading.


  1. Hey Kes,

    I'm excited for you that you have someone to help you with your goals and that you'll be able to go to the Y. That should make a world of difference! I'm sorry to hear yesterday was bad. Hopefully today will turn things around. :)

    I wish you luck! With love, William

  2. Its great that he is going to help you reach your goals love. GL with everything.

  3. i want to weigh 105 too, i'm glad u have someone to help you out because they give u motivation to keep going :) so that's good. Good luck with everything i hope you reach your goal soon!