Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm going to spend as much time exercising tomorrow as I can.  Then I work 8:30-3 on Tuesday.  Then maybe work out some?  I'm sick of feeling fat and disgusting.  I need to get shit together.  I'm about to leave and get my hair cut (horrible split ends - and my hair needs re-dyed and I want it cut before I do that).  Then I'll clean my room some and then read blogs for at least an hour later.  And I will comment on every blog I read.  I promise.  I'll read the people who comment on mine first.  Anyway.  I gotta get ready to go so I can get shit done.



  1. Send pics of the hair cut? :D Maybe... Xo

  2. Gahh I need to exercise badly. I'm so lazy at the minute it's unreal
    Got to put my mind to it! Otherwise I'm going to be a potato forever!
    Ahh you have a nice work shift :) I'm 7-5 Tuesday :(