Monday, January 2, 2012

My depression is horrible right now.  No clue if/when I'll be back.  I just wanna die.


  1. DON'T EVEN SAY THAT!!! honey, I know how terrible is depression, since I've been suffering from it for years and I know that the last thing you wanna hear is "everyting is going to be ok". But let me tell you just one thing: DON'T GIVE UP; IF NOT FOR YOUR SELF, FOR YOUR DAUGHTER.
    Your Jay :)

  2. You can't say that! Depression sucks and it's never easy to climb out of but I swear I know you can. Please be safe and take care of yourself... Please come back when you're ready <3 We, I, love you too much to lose you forever. Take care of yourself.
    -Emma <3

  3. kes darling, we love you and I hope you're doing okay, I've been gone for the last bit out of the country, but I really hope that you are doing better than your earlier posts suggested. Jay's right, there are people who need you and you can beat this <3 xox stay strong