Sunday, January 8, 2012

Leigha - I bought cranberry pills.  I didn't know they existed until a nurse at work told me about them.

Anavida - a UTI is a urinary tract infection (it can cause peeing to hurt/burn and pee to smell strong/bad and blood in pee and it can get all the way up to the kidneys and mine has and then kidneys hurt and it can cause fever and nausea and a lot of problems) and it can be caused by bacteria, having too much sex, not peeing often enough (most likely what caused mine), and sometimes using a new soap/shampoo/bubble bath/ect. can cause it.

I refuse to talk about D and all of his bullshit.  I'm still depressed and no, I won't be getting any less depressed anytime soon.  I've been depressed for 10 years.  I don't get better in a matter of days.  Most of the time it takes months.  I might have a good day here and there but then I end up just as depressed or  more depressed than before.  Like I was going to have a good day today and everything got fucked up.  I'm never driving again unless I have to because I'm too scared to.  I was driving home last night and I was in a kind of wooded spot with curves and it was like 11pm and a car was coming towards me so I turned off my brights as I was going around a curve and then there were 3 deer walking across the road.  I literally went between then.  Two on one side of my car and one was on the other.  Scared the shit out of me.  I didn't see them til I was like 3 feet away and I didn't manage to hit the break until I was past them.  I hated driving as it was.  That was just too close for me.

I don't feel like saying anything else.  I'm tired and I feel drained emotionally and physically.



  1. I know you said you wont feel better soon, but I still hope you do anyway!
    Heck that sounds terrifying! You don't seem to have much luck with cars and traffic!
    Lottie x

  2. That's so scary! Glad you're okay!
    and hope the UTI gets better soon, the pills work wonders for me<3

  3. UTI's are without a doubt the WORST thing on the planet.
    I hope yours in getting better!

    That sounds terrifying! Avoid that road :P

    Sorry to hear about D as well, I've not been keeping up in the last couple of months. To quote every drunk person in Glasgow 'git him tae fuck' < not literal!
    Means tell him to take a hike and get out of your life.
    I know I've not been keeping up and it definitely wont be as simple as that, but still, the basic principle stands true.

    Hope you're okay :)