Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Im blogging from my phone again because the batteries in my computer keyboard died so im charging the batteries. I need to buy more. I use rechargable ones. Anyway, i wieghed 123.5-ish this morning. Not too bad considering how much time ive spent with aa. He had an interview monday and if his background check comes back without a felony hes hired. He should find out friday so after work tomorrow hes coming to stay in the town i live in. He wasnt convicted of a felony when he was arrested in like 2009. Its a deferred felony so if he successfully completes probation it wont be a felony. His probation officer said that is should come back saying he was arrestes but it shouldnt say hes a felon. Hopefully he will get the job. He would make $14.10/hr. If he does get the job then he might pay for us both to have a gym membership or something because aa keeps talking about how he needs to work out more. He used to have 6 pack abs. If he does get the job ill hopefully be able to get back into blogging more. Ive been spending a lot of time with aa letting him use my car and driving around with him while he gets job apps and stuff. Id read blogs from my phone but it usually wont let me scroll so unless it all fits on the screen i cant read it all. And i still have a kidney infection. Im not taking anything for it really. The doctor told me to see how things go without medicine since there wasnt anything else i can take. Its getting better though. I think. Or im just getting used to it and it isnt bothering me as much. Im thinking monday ill start taking diet pills again. I havent been because i dont want to make my kidneys worse. I dont know if diet pills would or not. Pain killers do so ive been avoiding them since im not taking an antibiotic for my kidneys. I think im gonna try to clean my room some and get in a little exercise too. I need to shower and do laundry too. Once all thats done if i have time ill read and comment on as many blogs as i can before 4pm. I need to leave at 4 to go get more bc before they close (ive been out for 2 days but the cirpo i was taking made it so it wouldnt be effective for a week anyway) and then im gonna go to aas. Spend the night there and go home after work taking aa with me. So yeah... Guess ill get to doing the shit i gotta get done.


  1. A gym membership would be awesome, I wish I could get one but it's like £300 a month for my local gym! Which is more money than I can ask my parents for :) so I just do what I can from home. Be careful about your kidneys, delicate things they are. Why aren't you taking your antibiotics? Thy might make it worse first but we don't want you getting seriously I'll on us (I talk in plurals often!)
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, really needed to know someone read it! I set mine up as a phone friendly blog, it's on the options. It would be easier if more people did it I think? 123 isnt a bad number, that's around where I bounce on my mediation. Be careful with diet pills with your kidneys, excess chemicals that they need to filter could cause extra undue irritation, but painkillers are a big no. Which sucks :(.
    What exercise do you do at home? I've only just started working out at home again and was wondering if you had any dead on what's good :). Good luck with AA getting his job!

  2. FINGERS CROSSED for aa, let us know how it turns out!
    and ughhhh feel better soon love, that sucks that the doc wont give you anything :(
    <3 goodluck with everything! xo