Friday, March 2, 2012

Well my good news is, I think I am on the right medications - no thanks to the psych ward that refused to admit me when I clearly needed it >:( .  But anyway, short post because I need to go to bed.  I've been kicking some ass at the gym lately.  Weighing in tomorrow since Monday clearly didn't work out.  Monday before that I don't think worked out either...  Anyway, got a lot of stuff I want to do tomorrow so I'm gonna try to kick some ass and get it done.  Or at least as much as possible.  A super long post is most likely in the future.  But a quick question - I was thinking about making a separate health/fitness related blog and having AA help with it.  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Would you check it out if I did so?  I was thinking like exercise routines (with and without equipment), videos on how to do some exercises, healthy recipes, and diet related stuff.  I would still use this blog.  AA had looked at some of it and he is ok with it.  He even is going to let me post a picture of him on here.  I'll probably do that tomorrow.  He looks kinda goofy in the picture because he was laughing but he looked pissed off otherwise.  Anyway, I should go to bed.  Night all.


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  1. It's great that your meds are working now! and I think that a separate blog is a great idea! I know I'd still follow! :)
    goodluck! xo