Saturday, March 10, 2012

So ive been busy with cleaning mainly. And filling out job apps. Been away from the computer and not been on my phone really. I finally have my room like 98% clean. Which means i have room to work out in my room now. Basically in working on getting shit done. Find a job and lose some weight and get in shape. I want to be an mma fighter. Ill hopefully be back to blogging soon and making another blog with aa. And im pretty sure aa bought an engagement ring. Im nervous. I know hes been looking and stuff. I love him and he supports me in pretty much everything i do. Ive shown him my blog and hes ok with it. Ive shown him tumblr and thinspo and and he tells me either its too skinny or i can look like that. He is the most amazing guy ever. I love him. Anyway imma go and hopefully be back to blogging in a day or two. I send my love to all you lovies.

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  1. He sounds absolutely perfect I'm glad he's around. Everyone needs someone supportive and lovely like That. Good luck on the job apps! Those suck ass. Especially the questions like what would you bring to the blah blah team. So annoying. Anyway good luck and have a good rest of the Sunday! :)