Monday, March 28, 2011

Worthless Me

I've been worthless today. I've eaten way too much.  I should purge, but I can't.  My mom and my sister are around.  I can't get away with it.  I was doing fine food-wise until I got off work.  My mom gave me some money so I could get lunch.  So I ate.  A cheeseburger and fries.  the cheeseburger alone is 400 calories.  fries are probably like 300.  I had 350 calories before that.  And then I ate another granola bar when I got home.  So I've had like 1200 calories so far.  And it's not even 3 yet.  I might be able to skip dinner tonight.  If I don't eat anything else today, it wouldn't be too bad.  But it would still be bad.  I don't work tomorrow, so I will really try to restrict my calories to 700 and work out.  Cardio.  High intensity.  I need to burn about 1000 calories tomorrow.  More would be better.  Maybe exercise some tonight.  Maybe burn 200-300.  If my mom and sister  weren't around, I'd be doing some cardio right now.  My room needs cleaned.  Maybe I'll do that and hopefully burn off a decent amount of calories.  Distract me from stuffing my fat face more at least.  And I'll have space in my room to exercise.  I think I'll clean.  At least for a little while.


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